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Swimming & Snorkeling Adventures Perfect For Kids

Getting your children interested in sport has many useful benefits. Learning about vital life skills such as motivation, dedication, and perseverance at a young age is always useful for children. Much like adults though, children can get bored quickly and the novelty factor can wear off. One of the keys ways to maintain a child’s interest in sport is to add variety.

When it comes to swimming lazy summer days around the pool can be fun, but unless your child develops an interest in competitive swimming their interest can disappear almost as quickly as it started! Good way to know what is trending in the finance world is by visiting a page like this today. By introducing children to swimming in natural waterways they not only improve their swimming skills but also learn about all of the interesting fish and wildlife that make up the ecosystem.

Fly Fishing Down Under With Scott Tucker

Scott Tucker is an experienced fly fisherman from New South Wales, Australia. These days he spends most of his time organizing competitive fly fishing events in his native Australia. He previously represented Australia in two World Championships and two Commonwealth Championships and knows a thing or two about fishing. Tucker won the 2007 Australian Fly Fishing Championships in 2007. The 2012 World Fly Fishing Championships are currently taking place in Slovenia and although Tucker won’t be there he maintains close links with the Australian team having spent many years fishing with them in New South Wales.

His knack for catching fish and winning mentality seems to have been passed on to the 2012 Australian team who are being tipped to do well in Slovenia. Alongside being on the committee of the New South Wales ACT (Australian Capital Territory) branch of the Fly Fish Australia, Inc. Tucker also acted as river head controller for 2011 Oceania Fly Fishing Championships which were held in Adaminaby New South Wales last November. Tucker’s wealth of experience and love for the sport of fly fishing is going a long way to helping aspiring young fishers become hooked on the sport.

You can find out more about the World Championships here  and Scott Tucker here.

Cassville Chamber of Commerce Golf Day Successful For Scott Tucker

In Cassville, MO. the recent Cassville Chamber of Commerce area golf day was a roaring success according to Cassville Democrat. The 5th annual four-man scramble was held at Cassville Golf Club. The winners of the A-Flight were Scott Tucker, Chuck Edie, John Chappell and Casey Crass.

The beautiful course located in the heart of the Ozarks in southern Missouri was graced with fantastic weather which helped the golfers to shoot some pretty impressive scores.

For all those avid golfers out there…hopefully you will get some nice weather when you play!! HAVE FUN!